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Don’t get buried in mountains of emails and let them get control of you and your inbox again! Slice, dice and shred your way to email Nirvana.

MailTamer, now for iOS 8, is a game-changer. The only email app with Sender View to process thousands of messages a minute. Powerfully clear out your inbox to make room for important communications.

Numerous views to quickly sort through inundated inboxes. Sender, Recipient, Contact, Size and (the traditional) Date views let you see your mail in new ways.

With a quick swipe and a tap, you can delete, move, copy email, respond to a sender and even create a contact on your phone from the sender’s information.

See the big picture of your inbox all the way down to detail of a single message with a couple of taps.

MailTamer supports POP and IMAP mail protocols. Microsoft Exchange servers must have the IMAP protocol enabled in order to use MailTamer with those servers.

Get the Zen of a Zero Inbox!